I found my way into yoga in 2014 after being diagnosed with a spinal condition that could eventually put me in a wheelchair.  As an active equestrian and outdoor enthusiast, I began searching for natural ways to help myself.  I found yoga.  Yoga has helped heal not only my body, but also been a balm for my mental wellness.  Yoga becomes not just an exercise but a way of being and living fully.

In 2018, I took my yoga teacher training and have been in love with teaching yoga ever since.  As a professional involved in teaching and in developing a variety of therapeutic programs over the years, my passion has always been to help build wellness in the members of my community.  I love building bridges of connection with and between people.  Yoga is a beautiful practice for both self-empowerment and building connection.

Having been involved for years with people with physical, mental or social challenges, and I love that yoga can be adapted to suit wherever a person is in their journey to wellness.  I love teaching a variety of yoga and focus on adaptive, restorative and gentle class that are inclusive and supportive for every body.  I also love to teach in a way that helps people slow down, relax, release their stresses and come back into their best selves.  I believe that everyone can be their own best healer and I love helping guide them in that process!


My journey with yoga began in the late 1990s when I took a yoga class as my physical education credit in college. After that my practice lapsed and I didn't pick it up again until the early 2000s when I found myself in over my head with life and not enough self-care. I found a local studio that was hosting a challenge with free classes for a month and this re-connected me to my practice again. I grew with my practice, found balance in life again, tamed my anxiety and embarked on a new journey to share, teach and more fully live.


I have worked in health care most of my life first as a registered nurse and recently a retired registered pharmacist.  In the 1990’s I became interested in relationships with horses, alternative healing modalities, spiritual practices and yoga.  

I became a certified yoga instructor in 2012.  I had an opportunity to teach and also became a co-owner at Yoga West Community in Grand Junction which closed its doors 2019.  I now teach at Orange Door Community Wellness.  My classes focus on each student of where they are at!  In yoga you will become more aware of your breath and the inner workings of your body.  Circulating this vital energy promotes a happier and healthier you.

I recently completed an intensive two year program, Equine Gestalt Coaching Method, in 2020.  This a healing journey that partners with horses to bring about awareness of one’s perspectives and limiting beliefs.  It helps one explore what actions one can make today to make a better tomorrow.

I share a five acre property with my three horses. We provide workshops and equine gestalt coaching by appointments.  Trail riding is my therapy to reconnect with nature, spirit and myself.

The Gestalt Therapy Program and yoga provides spiritual and personal growth thus creating more of a life that supports my values and that is my wish for all.  My goal is having work that truly serves and helps individuals along their journey.


Kristi moved to the Grand Valley in 2012 for a new job and new life. Graduating from CMU in 2015, she started her own social media marketing business as well as continuing to do office management and bookkeeping for different companies.

Then she was introduced to yoga and hot yoga. It was an immediate love affair for Kristi. From there, Kristi joined the Academy of Yoga for her first Hatha Yoga 200-hour training and certificate.

Immediately following, she started another 200-hour training in the Baptiste methodology. She has taught at Fruita Yoga, Thrive Fruita, Fruita Rec Center, the Climbing Gym, and Orange Door Yoga.

Because of life’s occurrences, she has melted the methodologies into her own brand of strength and awareness yoga. Using faith, asking self-awareness questions, and physically doing yoga and breathing to relieve grief, addiction and life are the tools she hopes to share in her classes.


Forever grateful, yoga has changed my life. I fell in love with yoga in 2011 and the way it made me feel. I am a RYT200 and completed my training at Shambhava Shoshoni Yoga Retreat in 2019 where I completed the study in asanas, pranayama, meditation, teaching methods, yogic philosophy, anatomy and sanskrit. The mission of my classes are to share my love for yoga, meditation, and healing. Guiding students to slow down, promote self love, gratitude and to live life in the present moment. Namaste 


I began my journey as a yoga teacher nine years ago at Baltimore Yoga Village where I started my 200 hour teacher training that I completed in 2012. The first classes that I taught were very close to my heart because I taught classes to veterans(I served in the Navy from 1987 to 1993). I’m proud to say that I started the first yoga class for individuals who struggle with PTSD. Following my time there, my friend, Wendy and I opened Earth Pulse Yoga in Hamilton, Maryland and we never looked back. In the last few years, I began teaching more yoga classes for businesses, I have brought wellness to  people  at TRowe Price, Johns Hopkins, and Loyola University.  I have instructed a number of private students during that time as well.

Recently, I have returned home to Colorado to support my parents and I am excited and pleased to be back in Grand Junction. I am looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and helping them with their wellness journey. 

Mary Jo

I am a registered nurse working in healthcare for the past 25+ years while dabbling in yoga and the healing arts even longer. I recently obtained my Avita Yoga Teacher Certification and my Nurse Coach Certification helping me to really join these two often dualistic scopes of practice.  The goal for me in all my work is to see the person in front of me, as well as myself, as Whole and not defined by perceived limitations, disease or lack.  I believe that we are our own best experts and are guided by a deep inner knowing, however, oftentimes this knowledge gets buried in the shadows and veils of life. My practice is to use Avita Yoga and its beautiful shapes and moving meditation to gently reveal and then undo the blockages to that inner wisdom resulting in perfect peace and healing. I love that Avita yoga truly joins us to our own healing and best of all it is a practice for every body for a lifetime.


Tarna has a Masters of Science degree in Ayurveda and Integrative Health from MIU. She also has her RYT500, having studied under Shannon Paige taking the trauma informed yoga teacher training at Earth Yoga Colorado. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve optimal health and wellbeing by enlivening their own immunity through ayurvedic practices, including but not limited to diet, lifestyle and herbal education. 


Nora is a Grand Valley native who is very involved in her community as well as the yoga, arts and recovery communities. She is a mother, a grandmother, a youth mentor and very active in outdoor activities. She has been teaching kids yoga for close to 7 years and has been teaching adult yoga since she received her 200 RYT four years ago. Nora is currently working towards attaining her 500 RYT as well as 20 hours of continuing education credits in yoga for addiction recovery work. When she is not teaching or practicing yoga, she enjoys being in nature, spending time with her family and fur babies, and helping out at the local art center. She also is employed as a medical technician at Hilltop. She is currently teaching yoga for recovery at Orange Door Community Wellness. 



I began practicing in 2004 following the birth of my daughter. Yoga was a powerful tool in healing and strengthening my body after pregnancy and childbirth. I practiced at home off and on for years before setting aside my insecurities and deciding to attend a class at Yoga West. That was a turning point for me. I was welcomed with warmth and kindness. I immediately felt at home. 

Not long after attending my  first class, in 2018, I was fortunate enough to be able to learn to teach Yoga. Throughout the yoga teacher training, I met and formed friendships with several amazing people. I grew a new appreciation for Yoga, not only as a physical practice, but also a tool for emotional and spiritual healing and development.

I am now a RYT 200, specializing in Restorative Yoga. I'm in the process of completing my RYT 500 training.

Yoga, for me, is home. It's where I return when I'm feeling lost. It is my desire to provide that same sense of comfort to my students. I am humbled to be able to share the gift of Yoga.

Satonya Ray

I was born and raised in the valley. I love climbing and being outdoors, especially with my border collie, Scarlett! I received my YTT 200 in Vinyasa Flow at Yoga V.  I enjoy a slower pace vinyasa to teach!