Avita Yoga with Mary Jo & Judian

Avita Yoga with Mary Jo and Judian

Avita Yoga uses a variety of shapes and sequences to identify restrictions that may block natural movement and freedom.  These attainable shapes weave throughout the body to promote healing in the here and now, not someday.  This results-first approach delivers physical relief as well as peace of mind.  It’s a practice nearly anyone can do to bring more freedom and joy to life. 

Avita Yoga is for anyone regardless of age or body type.  No experience necessary.  Avita can provide healing relief for those with physical pain due to chronic illness, injury or aging.  We use non-aggressive, attainable yoga shapes to target the bones, joints and connective tissue where the problems originate.  We build natural strength while resolving compensation patterns and the undoing of blockages to lasting freedom.

Avita taps into the healing nature of the mind.  It has helped many people work through chronic pain and debilitating injuries and perhaps most importantly, it is a practice that promotes lasting peace of mind.  A spiritual practice can mean different things, but with Avita Yoga, we use the healing sensation in doable shapes to bring us closer to a peaceful state of mind on and off the mat.