About Us

Orange Door Community Wellness is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing wellness opportunities and resources for individuals seeking personal growth and wellness. Our community-accessible studio in Grand Junction, Colorado, offers a wide range of wellness classes, seminars, and workshops.

Our vision is to cultivate individual wellness, thereby promoting community wellness as a whole. We also serve as a resource center, connecting community members with participating wellness practitioners in the area. Additionally, we provide studio space for practitioners to deliver group or private classes, offering professional development opportunities as a benefit.

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Our Story


In 2018, a group of Grand Junction, Colorado women embarked on a journey to become yoga instructors.  As they studied together, they started to dream of a community-oriented, truly accessible yoga studio.  Orange Door Yoga Studio became a reality in August of 2019 and established itself as a non-typical yoga studio. The studio is small and cozy, all people are welcome and the dress code is as you are. The $5 community classes are financially accessible and there are no memberships required.  Orange Door Yoga managed to navigate the COVID19 pandemic by the generous support of its instructors, yogis and community.


In 2022, Orange Door Yoga became Orange Door Community Wellness, a 501c3 non-profit organization.  We continue to address the need for financially accessible wellness activities by offering $5 dollar regular classes (yoga), FREE or low cost educational “try it” classes (acupuncture, ortho-bionomy, meditation and ayurveda) and special events and workshops which rarely exceed $20 (gong meditation and Avita Yoga).  We also offer social/emotional support opportunities such as grief support, bookclub, kids yoga and classes for those persons in recovery from addiction.   We recognize that wellness is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social and we strive to provide opportunities in all these areas.